RGBNDR is a hackable video synthesiser based on Jonas Bers’ CHA/V. It hijacks and distorts the output signal of a cheap VGA test generator. For example one of these:

RGBNDR board has a few oscillators, external audio input, passive mixer, diode gates and a phase locked loop circuit for syncing things with the sync signal from the VGA test generator. All these can be used to modulate the red green and blue signals of the image.

Here’s the current design built at an artist residency in Bangalore:

Few prototypes along the way:

The first design was built on a soldering board and an MDF box. This is the first version used in a live performance (summer 2017).

The next version was a modified design on a manufactured PCB. It was a bit too early for fabbing PCBs as few things would still change. Here’s the finished and assembled board:

Back and front side of the boards:

The current design can be found at github.com/ohss/rgbndr.


Example video:

Few output stills: